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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  October 4, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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so does the anger across this country and the frustration with congress. >> one house republican said we're not going to be disrespected. we have to get something out of this. and i don't know what that even is. >> there's so much at stake, our elected leaders must hold the line. >> no, no, please. it's all i've got left. >> let's go. >> i'm all wired up here. >> no wires! >> i think if we keep saying we wanted to defund it, we fought for that, but now we're willing to compromise on this? >> this is about the happiest i've seen members in a long time. so far, so good. there's been strong unity. >> speaker john boehner won't even let the bill get a yes or no vote. >> this isn't some damn game. >> we're going to win this, i think. >> is that going to hurt us? >> no, donny, these men are cowards. >> it will pass. send me the bill. i will sign it. the shutdown will be over. ♪ living in america >> good to have you with us
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tonight, folks. thanks for watching. well, it's friday evening, it's the start of the weekend. i think speaker boehner needs probably a really stiff drink tonight. it's been a rough week. because you see the pendulum is not swinging in favor of the republicans. they've tried all week long. the fight against obama care for republicans has been all about lies and deception all week long. and now they're down to the shutdown and they have very few options. a lot of americans are out there i think wondering what are the republicans thinking. what is their strategy? what's their next move going to be. well, now we know. this is rand paul and mitch mcconnell, talking about winning and losing. >> i'm all wired up here. >> i just did see -- i just go over and over again, we're willing to compromise, we're willing to negotiate. i don't think they poll-tested we won't negotiate. i think it's awful for them to say that over and over again too. >> yeah, i do too. i just came back from a two-hour
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meeting with him and it was basically the same view privately as it was publicly. >> i think if we keep saying we wanted to defund it, we fought for that, but now we're willing to compromise on this, i think we're -- i think -- well, i know we don't want to be here. but we're going to win this, i think. >> now, what is hilarious about this clip is that mitch mcconnell says "i'm all wired up here." in other words, rand, don't say anything that's going to get us in trouble. but leave it to rand paul, who shoots from the hip all of the time, comes out and says that he thinks that it's not a good place for the democrats to be if we say we're not going to negotiate. if the democrats come out and say, no, we're not going to negotiate. and that's exactly what they've been saying all along, that they're not going to move on this health care bill, just because they want a do-over legislatively, but what rand paul is banking on, you're stupid. that you can't figure outlaw. you can't figure out how it
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passes, how it gets signed, how it gets held up by the supreme court. and how it's just not going to be a legislative do-over. but he thinks that they can go out and say to the american people, look at the democrats. they won't negotiate. they're really bad people. you know, it's important, i think, to point out here that the state that these two guys come from, kentucky, over 12,000 people have signed up for obama care through the exchange. there's no doubt that lives are going to be saved in the state of kentucky, because of this law that they want to get rid of. now, news like this is why the republicans have tried to come up with a new strategy. they want democrats to use the refusal to negotiate against them. it isn't going to work. it's a drastic, last-ditch effort to try and pull themselves out of this terrible mess and they don't have many cards left on the table. republicans are losing in the arena of public opinion, and they know it. the latest poll shows 44% of americans blame republicans for the shutdown. while only 35% blame the
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president of the united states, barack obama. earlier today, john boehner followed with this strategy. he came out and used the new republican game plan to try to change the momentum. >> the american people expect their leaders to sit down and try to resolve their differences. i was at the white house the other night, and listened to the president some 20 times explain to me why he wasn't going to negotiate. sat there and listened to the majority leader in the united states senate describe to me that he's not going to talk until we surrender. and then this morning, i get the "wall street journal" out and it says we don't care how long this lasts. because we're winning. this isn't some damn game! the american people don't want their government shut down. and neither do i. >> not a damn game. gimme a break, mr. boehner. this is a complete damn game to you. and to your cronies.
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if it's not, all you have to do is bring the continuing resolution to the floor for a vote and you can end this thing. you can end this mess within a matter of minutes. at least that's what the president says, but i guess he doesn't have any credibility, right? but -- you see, he's worried about his tea party taking away his speakership. think about that. this guy is worried about him. he's worried about his political self preservation and he's willing to put hundreds of thousands of people out of work to save it. this is all about his political gain. earlier today, our next guest, senator bernie sanders, called out baner and made a rock-solid case for federal workers to get back to work. >> what congress should be doing today is putting people back to work. >> back to work! >> we should be -- we should be creating millions of new jobs, not furloughing and laying off millions of federal employees. we know one simple fact. >> yes.
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>> that if the speaker of the house stopped being the speaker of the republican party, and became speaker of the u.s. house of representatives, if he brought that bill -- if mr. boehner brought that bill to the floor, it would pass tomorrow. that's what he has got to do. let's put our people back to work. let democracy rule. >> well, republicans know they are in deep trouble. and there are signs the party is breaking down. i think this is historic. this is really something. they are behind closed doors getting after it. at a private luncheon, senate republicans attacked ted cruz in what one senator called a lynch mob. cruz refused to turn against and renounce the senate conservative action fund. which has been attacking the 25 republicans who voted for the cr in the senate. it's an issue of loyalty to them. the group says the senators were betraying their principles by
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voting for cloture on sunday. according to reports, senators mcconnell and ayotte ripped into cruz and it got nasty. democrats, well aware of this, why in the world should they negotiate if they can't negotiate with themselves behind closed doors? this is a massive rift within the republican party. there's no question about it. and earlier today, democratic leader nancy pelosi said republicans can't even negotiate with themselves. >> it will take some coming together on the republican side. it's very hard to negotiate with the republicans when they can't negotiate with themselves. >> there is no doubt democrats are winning this battle. now is not the time to back down and negotiate with republicans on a legislative do-over. senator sanders said this week, if democrats were to cave, it would be absolutely dangerous and disastrous for america's future. >> if we surrender to these guys right now on this issue, they'll be back. this attack on obama care is
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just one small part of a right wing, extremist ideology which is incredibly reactionary, and which really intends not just to repeal obama care, but to repeal virtually every major piece of legislation passed in this country in the last 80 years. which protects the interest of the elderly, the children, the sick, the poor, women, the environment. people who are vulnerable. that is what their agenda is. >> i couldn't agree more. if democrats cave on this, there is no telling what they're going to do next. we know republicans absolutely hate government, and love this shutdown. because it's going to injure the economy. every time they don't like something, they would have absolutely no problem whatsoever shutting down the government. now, let's roll it back just a little bit and reverse the roles
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here. you know, what big piece of legislation has been out there that the liberals in this country have not been happy about? well, let's take the patriot act. i mean, i remember on liberal talk radio when i was doing this back in 2005, '06 and '70, we had a heated debate in this country, and boehner was right in the middle of it all, about the patriot act. we didn't like the patriot act. liberals thought it was really a bad shot on the fourth amendment, and who knew where it was going to go. now you know the rest of the story. but back then, when nancy pelosi had the gavel, aftered the mid terms of 2006 and 2007, she didn't turn around and say you've got to renegotiate the patriot act on this. it was the law. and right what we're seeing right now with the republicans is they have no respect for the law. they have no respect for the governmental process. they have no respect for the system. it's all about them. democrats, hold your ground. you'll enjoy the weekend. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think.
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tonight's question. who is winning. the pr war on the shutdown. text a for democrats, text b for republicans. to 67622. you can always go to our blog at we'll bring results later on in the show. and one more point in all of this. if the democrats were to step aside and just give a little bit of health care, they would be putting the entire base in jeopardy. that right now the democrats hold the progressive movement right in the palm of their hand. this is a very -- this is really a crossroads in american politics. we haven't seen anything like this. and the other thing is, no one knows exactly what damage will be done to our economy or the world economy if by some chance we do default on what we owe. for more, let me bring in senator bernie sanders of vermont. senator, good to have you with us tonight. you're on a roll today. you've been fantastic on this issue. showing some real leadership.
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i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i want to go back to this -- the senate conservative fund. this is all about citizens united, choking the chain of these guys on the right. if they don't act right, they're going to get targeted. tell your thoughts on this. is that really the root cause on this and why boehner can't make a move? >> ed, in many respects, it is. what's going on right now, we have seen some moderate or moderate/conservative republicans having the guts to stand up to boehner and say, okay, we don't like obama care, but you know what, we don't think you should shut down the government. we are prepared to vote for a clean cr. continuing resolution. what's happening now, as i understand it, is when moderate republicans are saying that or thinking about standing up to boehner, the extreme right wing is coming around and saying, you do that, let me tell you what's going to happen. we have the koch brothers behind
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us. we have hundreds of millions of dollars behind us. and if you dare to support a continuing resolution, a clean cr, we're going to primary you, and we have unbelievable sums of money to defeat you. so what you are looking at now is what citizens united is all about. and that is giving a handful of billionaires the koch brothers and others, incredible power to tell members of congress what they can and cannot do. very dangerous. >> senator, what did you think of that conversation caught on camera between mitch mcconnell and rand paul and what was said, that they think it's a bad place for the democrats to be, and that there hasn't been any poll testing about we're not going to negotiate. what about that? what did you think of that? >> well, first of all, they're not telling the truth. i mean, as you well know, ed, the continuing resolution of $968 billion that we passed is much, much lower than it should have been, and much lower than i
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and many others feel good about. we did that in order to get boehner to agree to this so we can avoid the shutdown. so what they're saying is, it's just not true. second of all, they are completely misreading where the american people are. the american people -- i mean, poll after poll tells these guys that the american people think you cannot sabotage the united states' government, throw -- put 2 million people's salaries at risk. you know what's going on in this country today? you've got working people worrying about how they're going to pay their mortgage. or how they're going to pay their college loans. the american people do not agree with what the republicans are doing. >> this is texas senator ted cruz said today that the shutdown is the democrats' fault. i want to play this. here it is. >> look, i think it is indefensible that president obama and harry reid have forced a government shutdown. they shouldn't have shut down the government. the reason we have a government shutdown is because they're refusing to compromise, they're refusing to negotiate.
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four times, the house of representatives has passed a reasonable compromise, a middle ground, and four times, harry reid and president obama have said go pound sand, jump in a lake. we're not going to compromise. >> senator, your reaction to that. >> well, as i said, that's total nonsense. of course, the democrats have already compromised by bringing forth a budget that the republicans wanted. second of all, everybody understands that the issue here is the republicans want to destroy or scale back the affordable care act, which was passed by the united states congress, upheld by the supreme court and validated in the last election. what you cannot have, ed, and you made this point, is a precedent where a minority can say we are prepared to shut down government, we're prepared to default and drive the entire world economy into a recession unless you give us what we want. because if you do it now, i promise you, they will be back
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next year and the year after, elections will mean nothing. and it will simply be a situation where people can hold the american people hostage. >> senator, i want to play this clip of you talking today about the capitol police during yesterday's incident in washington. here it is. >> yesterday we had an incident right here on capitol hill. i heard the shots. many of us went away from the shots. police officers went to the shots. those capitol police officers are not being paid today, and police officers all over this country are not being paid. that's wrong. >> now i want to play a clip from house majority leader eric cantor on the house floor, praising the police. here it is. >> i want to thank the gentleman for yielding and concur with thinks thanks to the capitol police. and as well, each and every day, all of us, benefit from their dedication and commitment to our
2:16 pm
safety. i know all of us want to extend that thanks and just to let them know we really appreciate it. >> senator, there is talent right there on the house floor. i don't know how in the hell he said that with a straight face. i mean, what is unfolding yesterday and what they're doing right now exposes their hypocrisy, does it not? >> of course it does. i mean, just think about this, ed. two weeks ago, we had the tragedy here in washington at the navy yard. twelve people killed. and the people who were in the midst of that gun fight were federal law enforcement people. yesterday we had the incident, these guys were going, you know, trying to protect the members of congress and people in the area, putting their lives on the line. they are not being paid. but it's not just them. we have people in the intelligence community whose lives are in danger abroad. they're not being paid. we have 2 million american citizens today, none of them are particularly wealthy, middle class people. they are struggling. they are living with great
2:17 pm
anxiety. they are not being paid. this is having an impact on the entire united states economy. >> senator bernie sanders, great to have you with us on "the ed show." appreciate your time so much. thank you. remember to answer tonight's question there at the bottom of your screen. share your thoughts on twitter at ed show. like us on facebook, all of that good stuff. we always want to know what you think and we bring it to the screen. coming up, wendy davis is ready to try to break republicans' 20-year grip on the governor's mansion down in the great state of texas. still ahead, the characters on fox news, the 5, get personal and verbally attack me. now, i wouldn't be one -- [ male announcer ] julia child became a famous chef at age 51.
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voted on by you. ♪ the stars at night are big and bright ♪ ♪ deep in the heart of texas the number-three trender. lone star/rock star. >> i am proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th governor of this great state! ♪ ♪ ready ready ready ready to run ♪ >> i believe she's a different kind of leader. >> wendy davis wants texans to say adios to policies. >> texans deserve better than failed leaders. >> sorry. oops. >> it's time for a governor who believes that the future of texas belongs to all of us. >> adios, mo-fo. >> the number-two trender. shutdown shutdown. >> how do you deny them? >> it's difficult. >> it should be difficult. >> it is difficult, i'm sorry,
2:22 pm
sir. >> they should be ashamed of themselves. >> a congressman takes some heat for attacking a park ranger. >> i'm a 30-year federal veteran, i'm out of work. >> the reason you are is mr. reid. >> no. >> wrong, sir! wrong! >> no, it's because the government won't do its job and pass a budget. >> and today's top trender, glitch hunt. >> signing up for obama care is so glitch-ridden. >> the real question, whether these are real glitches or whether they're harbingers of very difficult times to come, where your glitch isn't getting on, but your glitch is you want a liver transplant and you can't get it. >> they are reduced a once mighty party to mocking software. >> now fox is attacking me. >> ed schultz blaming fox news for the glitches in obama care. >> i love ed schultz, he's a human glitch. >> and actually listening to president obama. >> fox news didn't make it up. your man, himself, barack obama, claimed there were glitches. >> the liberal and mainstream
2:23 pm
media. >> what is your glitch, huh? >> my glitch? ♪ >> i'm a human glitch? come on, boys, keep the personal shouts coming. i love it. since when has fox news taken what president obama has said, ever, as truth in gospel and run with it? president obama was not referring to a total malfunction and complete disarray the way fox reported it and talked about it all day. fox news clearly, clearly left the impression the system was a complete failure and unworkable for americans who need health insurance. fox, once again, has manufactured a negative by misunderstanding the word "glitch." another misunderstanding? just another day at the office at fox news. let's bring in dr. kory hebert, professor at lsu health services center. doctor, good to have you with us
2:24 pm
tonight. appreciate your time. this is popular. that should be the story right now. that's a fact. hhs is reporting over 7 million visitors have gone to since october 1st, and righties are scrambling to make excuses to attack obama care. now that they see how popular it is. >> yes. >> where is the glitch, doctor? >> i'm so mad today. look, i don't even want to talk about it, except that we talk about facts. this show talks about facts. here are some numbers. $1.1 billion in rebates to consumers. 3.1 million more adults insured than september 30th. 105 million americans with free access to preventative care. and more importantly, 40 unsuccessful attempts at repeal. americans, you know -- people say they don't want obama care, but somebody is lying. because it keeps passing by majority vote. so the folks that are lying must work at fox. >> you have done a fabulous job
2:25 pm
of addressing those lies. i want you to -- i know this is on your website. tell us what your website is. you've made it easy. this is popular obama care myths. >> absolutely. >> and fox -- fox has picked up on all of this stuff, and have just driven this home, saying that this is a government takeover. answer that. is this -- is this a government takeover? >> it's no more of a government takeover than the regulation of car insurance or wall street. i mean, when things starting to awry due to the nature of greed and lack of empathy for your fellow man, they've got to be regulated. if you want to deny someone with an illness, the ability to have insurance that is pure, unadulterated greed, guess what, you can't do that anymore. everybody liked the show "breaking bad" didn't they? remember, he started making the meth because he couldn't afford health care, ed. how soon they forget. how soon they forget. >> all right. they also claim, and this is a big one, and this has scared the hell out of seniors. they claimed that this will make hospitals drop support for medicare and medicaid. what's your reaction to that?
2:26 pm
>> hospitals will never drop medicaid or medicare, because the sickest people in america are the poor and elderly. furthermore, the elderly people have medicare, all of them. so even the states who are opting out of the medicaid expansion like aka, turning down $500 million for their states, they're going to cave, because if they don't take the money, then the hospital is going to suck that loss up. hospitals never want to pay out of pocket for the uninsured, so once again, another smokescreen and just another smokescreen. you've got to wear one of these bowties. i brought it for you, because all these people talking about you, this is like a forest field for you, man. i'm going to send this to you. >> well, okay. i'm game to try anything. it looks good. there's no question about that. now, i want to point out that think progress highlighted the story of a rand paul supporter who changed his mind on obama care once he found out the details. i mean, this man had been uninsured for years. he had a medical issue. and this year it was going to cost him tens of thousands of
2:27 pm
dollars. now he's getting a huge break. >> right. >> this week he signed up for an insurance plan through the he says the policies are more affordable, and comprehensive than the ones offered in the individual market. is this an anomaly or is this the way it's going to be? >> i have two words for that, ed. imagine that. after all we have been saying, that's actually how it's going to play out. and we're going to have more and more of these stories so they can talk about all of the computer glitches -- look, we can get a 17-year-old little kid from high school and fix computer glitches. but what we can't do is try to redo something that is bad. >> dr. kory hebert, great to have you with us. you need to know, my wife picks all of the ties. >> i'll send it. >> i've got to make sure i get some clearance on that deal. but i'm sure she's going to like it too. >> you could pull it off. >> thank you, doctor. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, somebody call a doctor. wait until you see the
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republicans' latest pr stunt. plus, gets caught in the cross fire and lands in our "pretenders" tonight. but i'm coming right back with "ask ed live" right here on msnbc. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the ed show." i love this segment. we love hearing from our viewers here on "the ed show" in our "ask ed live" segment. first question comes from samuel first. how do we break the cycle of dysfunctional government when the lunatics are running the asylum? you're not going to be able to do anything about it in the short term. obviously, elections have consequences. you have to believe in that, do the due diligence and other stuff. but i think harry reid and it's not going to change in the house because they have the majority. but i do think that harry reid should start talking openly about changing the senate rules. i mean, the democrats can play this game too. our next question is from chris
2:32 pm
rowelle. why should the american people pay taxes while the government is shut down? you would be talking about a tax revolt. it's very easy to sit here and say, hey, nobody should be paying any taxes. that's not -- that's not right. are men and women who serve this country in uniform, the governmental process that is in place that keeps this country free and strong is something that i don't think americans ever want to yun undercut. this too shall pass. we will win this struggle in washington. keep the faith. stick around. rapid response panel is next. i'm dominic chu. the dow gained 76 points, the s&p up 11 and the nasdaq rose 33. twitter unsealed documents for its initial public offering and says it hopes to raise $1 billion. oil prices rose to nearly $104 a barrel as off shore rigs in the
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welcome back to "the ed show". thanks for watching tonight. now, republicans have spent the last few days, weeks, actually, waging this pr war, trying to swing public opinion. now, it's all about shifting the blame, and spouting talking points. it's all about the props and the optics. case in point. this press conference on capitol hill thursday. look at this. house republicans who were once by profession doctors and nurses, well, they dusted off the old lab coats for a photo op. there's never been a bigger
2:37 pm
photo op staged in washington than this. i mean, after hearing about 200 cancer patients, including 30 children who would not be admitted for clinical trials at the national institutes of health because of the shutdown, the house goes and passed a targeted spending resolution to fund the nih. it's simple. no one democrat, no one republican, wants those kids to go without treatment. but you can't get fooled again, right? republicans are using this bill as a prop in the ongoing war of words and some just aren't buying it. >> nih budget was cut about $1.2 billion last year because of sequestration. the labor bill that was being drafted by the appropriations committee cut another roughly 20%, about $6 billion. are you saying now that perhaps there has been a change of thinking about the role of government and how much money should be going to these agencies? >> you know i have been
2:38 pm
insistent on making as a priority funding for the nih. and specifically funding for pe pediatric medical research, for exactly the reasons that todd said. when you have somebody young and have a whole life that potentially could be ahead of that child, i don't think there are many things as a priority for us as human beings for this federal government to put an emphasis on and phubbed. fund. >> holy smokes! we have actually found our new pitch man for obama care. the gist of it all, folks, these folks lining up in these lab coats, they didn't stop the sequester from cutting almost 5% of the nih budget back in march. and i want to tell you, those cuts cost 750 patients a spot in the nih clinical center. and i didn't see any of these grandstanding republicans come out to support obama care, which will allow children with preexisting conditions to finally get health insurance. what -- i mean, what is that?
2:39 pm
are we ripping the scab off the republicans? is there really a heart underneath that shirt, cantor? no. it's all optics. it's all fun and games to them. and it's all trying to win in the arena of public opinion where they are losing. joining me now, our rapid response panel, mike pap antonio, stephanie miller and occupy wall street protester, jesse le greka. jesse, you first tonight. we've seen this song and dance before, haven't we? now they're at def con 5. >> absolutely. the republican party is stuck on stupid. and guess what, fox news, you built that. because it's like the mitt romney campaign never ended and i have to watch ted cruz talk to an empty chair for 21 hours straight. so the republican party's strategy is basically to make my life harder and then expect me to vote for them. it's like they burned my house down and then waited for the fire department to show up smelling like gasoline to tell me that obama did it.
2:40 pm
and it's not going to work. what we have right now is a rebellion by the 1% to overturn the last two elections and pretend that george w. bush had four consecutive terms and america won't tolerate it. >> yeah. stephanie miller, what about the microphone, which caught mitch mcconnell and rand paul? how telling is that? what does it mean? >> well, rand paul apparently is one of the 100 people that gets to vote on laws in our country and doesn't understand what it means when someone says i have a microphone on. i'm all wired up here. but i guess what we learned is they think they're winning. hey, check the polls, buddy. you're not winning. 70% something of the american people in every poll i've seen, ed, do not want the government shut down over defunding obama care and are most of those doctors proctologists? because i think i know where they're pulling their ideas out of. is this a strategy for 2014?
2:41 pm
i mean, if rand paul is talking to mitch mcconnell, saying, hey, it's really a bad thing for the democrats to say they won't negotiate, we really got 'em now, aren't they just winging it and haven't they backed themselves into a corner? your thoughts. >> they don't have a plan, and the numbers are showing it. the problem is, ed, they're appealing to a part of america that most of us don't have any kinship with. we can't even understand that this isn't about the national picture. this is about these -- these senate -- these -- house of republican types and senators playing to their hometown, this -- the crazies that sent them to congress are the people that they're playing to. and we keep hearing this number, ed, that gee, this is killing the republicans. in their mind, it's not killing them because the crazy talk has real appeal back home for them. so, yeah, we're going to continue seeing this bizarre kind of narrative come out, because all they're doing -- the deal with the park where they go to the park and try to break through the barricades.
2:42 pm
that was -- that was -- that was drama for the people back home who sent them there. because the people back home have been gerrymandered into craziville. and that gerrymandered craziville wants their people, wants their representatives and senators acting like that on the national stage. >> stephanie, what's your take on where the public is? on your radio show, what do you hear? i know you get conservative callers, as well. but what we have right now is republicans out there trying to convince the american people that they know where they are. and they're in a poll out there that shows that. so how is this going to end in the arena of public opinion, and what impact is it going to have? >> i think it's only getting worse for republicans day by day, ed. i mean, that's what i'm hearing on my phone lines, except for, like you said, the occasional right wing crazy. i had one today that said the capital -- the tragedy, the capitol shooting, that was the president's fault, clearly. which i think we can all agree on that. but, you know, i think other
2:43 pm
than a lunatic fringe, as mike was talking about, this tea party fringe, if you're looking at poll after poll, they are not winning on this issue. and they have no way of out. in the -- famous words of willie wonka, you get nothing, sir. good day. you lose. they already lost. on this issue. how many times, ed? they're going to lose again. >> jesse, how can the democrats screw this up? i mean, and -- you know, they're going to have to hold their ground. what would be the ramifications if they didn't? >> there's no reason to vote for democrats, ever again. simple as that. if they negotiate anything at all, other than a clean cr, they're basically saying every election where a democrat wins is up for a government shutdown to repeal that election result. so the only way that we can even have a sane government at this point is to shut down the republican party. to force them to vote, to do their job. it's simple as that. any other person in america, except for republican congressman, gets a job and then refuses to do it. they get fired. so my suggestion is to fire the republican party.
2:44 pm
>> mike, what's it mean that senators are at each other's throat on the republican side, going after their own, those 25 that voted for the continuing resolution in the senate? how nasty is this behind closed doors and where is it going to go? >> we're just hearing part of the ted cruz story. look, when you have grover norquist saying that ted cruz had potential to ruin the party by bringing us here and then going home, and leaving us abandoned, that's the type of division that's taking place. and honestly, this division is really these extreme tea party republican righties that, again, i'd like to say that the representatives that are going forward with their narrative feel like they're being -- feel like they're being harmed by this. but they don't. because they understand, this is what their constituents want. this is the way we have been gerrymandered in america and until we change that, we're going to have these kind of folks in congress for a long, long time. >> all right.
2:45 pm
mike papatonia, instead of me miller, mike greka, appreciate you are being here. still ahead, a union alert. i'll tell you about a push for new trade laws that impact american workers. it's getting exposed. stay with us. more is better. that's why we designed the all-new nissan versa note, with more technology, to get you into, and out of, tight spots. and more space so that you always have your favorite stuff. and, just for good measure, an incredibly efficient 40 mpg highway. so that when you're doing more, you're spending less. the all-new nissan versa note. your door to more. now get a $139 per month lease on a 2014 nissan versa note. ♪
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2:50 pm
>> wow. there's some real deep political take for you. essie is entitled to her own opinion, no matter how twisted it is. the 800,000 americans who aren't getting paychecks and the 50 million americans who are in desperate need of health care probably don't think million americans in need of health care probably don't think ted cruz is a hero. what if s.e.cupp thinks americans will buy that garbage, she can keep on pretending. so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap nitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. i want peacocks. peacocks? walking the grounds. in tuscany. [ man ] her parents didn't expect her dreams to be so ambitious. italy? oh, that's not good.
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all right, progressives. let's get back to work. stay in focus and ahead of it all. we need to pay attention. so here's a look at the top three stories ahead next week in fast forward. coming in at number three, jersey strong. >> dear lord jesus, i do not often speak with you and ask for things, but now i really must insist that you help me win the election. >> on tuesday, chris christie will fight to keep his spot as governor. >> you don't know how to trash talk do you? let me give you some trash talk, okay. >> compromise isn't a dirty word. >> fast forward to number two. education nation. a white house report shows that roughly 300,000 education jobs have been cut since 2009. 300,000. >> all over the country public education is under attack. public schools are closing and african-american and latino
2:55 pm
communities. >> nbc news kicks off its fourth annual submit on sunday. >> that's why you should fund the schools equally. make sure they have all the resources they need instead of giving them half of them. every child deserves a great education. every school deserves equal funding and resources. i encourage all of you to keep dr. martin luther king jr.'s dream alive. >> and our number one story to watch, trade talks. >> i am out there negotiating the trans-pacific partnership and now a trans-atlantic trade partnership. >> 12 countries will hold a submit on a trans-pacific trade agreement. >> it was done by the first bush administration and passed by the clinton administration. >> the trans-pacific partnership
2:56 pm
has giant implications for working families. >> this is not nafta disaster waiting to happen. and joining me tonight, larry cohen. mr. cohen, good to have you with us. has there been any progress made in stopping this since we last talked? what's the latest? >> no progress. total secrecy. 600 multi-national corporations have read it. it has more chapters than the longest book. non-profit organizations, unions, environmentalists, we haven't seen anything. one member of congress allen grayson said i saw it and i can't talk about it and there's nothing good in it. so we're in bad shape here on both the process, they want fast track which they call the trade authority. that means up or down votes, no maemts in the congress. it means before we even get to
2:57 pm
barely comment on it, they'll try to ram it through. the good news would be millions of americans are ready to say no more nafta. this is nafta on steroids. no more ratcheting down our standard of living. no more shipping off our jobs. so i think that people are ready to fight. they realize no rights, documented abuses, 25 cents an hour wages, 90 million people. there's nothing good here. >> so the multi-national companies have got their consultants, their mitts are all over it. but our lawmakers aren't allowed to see it. only a select few and then they can't talk about it. that's a landscape that doesn't sound like democracy to me. the other thing is if the american people do get the devil in the details on this trans-pacific partnership as what they call it, do you think the american people would reject it? >> overwhelmingly they'll reject it if they get a chance to see what it means. it's the export of not only
2:58 pm
manufacturing jobs but service sector jobs. just call center jobs alone, half a million for u.s. customers, people handling our calls, our mortgages. 500,000 have left this country in the last four years. this will only accelerate that process. and for manufacturing jobs as well. >> what does the obama administration think? the president played this up as something good for the country. he's working hard on it. he told the business round table a little over a week ago in washington. where's the partnership? where's the deal for america here? >> well, i think the business round table, the largest american corporations, they are headquartered here, most of them. but they operate anyway. and they'll take their profits anywhere and leave their profits somewhere else and not reinvest them here. the real question is for the folks who take a shower after work and before work as you say, what's in it for us? and it's about time we get to read this and we get to go over
2:59 pm
it and that our representatives that we elect get to have a real say on what's in here, not just an up or down vote. like we don't get on anything else. this thing comes in, thousands of pages long, up or down vote. that's why we have to focus on fast track as well. >> all right. and mr. cohen, finally, because of the shut doup the president's trip to asia is being curtailed. the asia-pacific economic cooperation forum and summits because of the shutdown, he's not going to be there. could this slow negotiations? could it be more secrecy? how do you see this, quickly? >> i think we need the president to do what he said in 2008. we need fair trade, we need agreements that we see, we need agreements that american citizens get to have input. we call on the president to do the right thing. >> all right. larry cohen, thanks for your time tonight. next week on this program, we will break out in detail exactly
3:00 pm
what is in this trans-pacific partnership. the good, the bad, and i understand there's a whole lot of ugly. i'm ed shultz. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> how are you tonight and good to be here following you up. and thanks to you for watching. tonight's lead, republicans asleep at the wheel. while millions of americans are hurting because of the government shutdown, gop lawmakers are taking a relaxed approach to the crisis. take a look. >> it's about trying to do what's right for the whole country. [ snoring ] >> yes, that's north carolina republican george holden taking a quick


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